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Some reflections on the yoga weekend in the San Juan Islands...

It was a FABULOUS weekend in every way!

Ahhh...thanks!  I feel energized just looking a the photos and remembering that last yoga session on the "chateau" deck surrounded by lapping waves and hummingbirds.

Thank you so much for the wonderful week-end. The boxes of little goodies were so thoughtful, I can't wait to use my Lucy coupon!  I was very impressed with your classes, I felt so good afterwards!
I felt everything was well planned and comfortable. I had a lot of fun in the kayak and just by exploring the island! Meeting new people was a highlight, I am very impressed with the young people working at the camp! I thought Joseph and Connie worked hard to make sure we had a good time, very nice people! And of course I can't say enough about the yoga classes!!! You are such a soothing person Kris, it is a special gift!
Yes, I have already told a bazillion people about every thing mentioned above, also the food, the campfire singing, the beach combing, and all the information from Joseph. I had never seen the bio- luminescence. Well, a lot of my friends are jealous!!
I have given out the brochures I brought home, I hope it brings good pr!! and I am looking forward to the Fall event.
The Yoga weekend was fabulous and I feel very fortunate to have gotten to be a part of it. I met such warm and fascinating women. Just what I needed. And, of course, the yoga was marvelous.

As my husband is the only one living at home with me at the moment, the poor man had to listen to me go on and on about everything for at least an hour. The island, the food, the kayaking, the staff, Connie and Joseph's home, the other attendees, your yoga class, etc, etc.

The entire weekend was perfect. Even the rainy boat ride to the ferry dock was an experience. Quite an adventure. The main thing the weekend did for me was to reassure me that I am capable of such a weekend even though it has been awhile since I have done such things on my own. (without the assistance or companionship of my family) This was a wonderful eye-opening for a woman in my position in life who has spent so many years with kids and husband. Thank you for that! I never expected such a revelation. Hopefully I will find more such experiences in the future.

I honestly can't think of a way to improve upon the weekend. We all had the time and opportunity to do whatever and all we wanted to do. I would have loved to swim in the pool, but weather permitting, next time!

Thank you for organizing such an amazing experience in a beautiful wild setting.  There was so much to do, and such flexible hosts willing to accommodate our every wish.  We loved it.  Only suggestion would be to have yoga before breakfast and before dinner (or a few hours after) so we wouldn't be so full.  I know I could have eaten less and solved that problem, but that did not seem like a good idea at the time!  Thanks again

The food was exceptional; better than I dreamed it could be!  The venue was exquisite, the people and class offerings wonderful!  No suggestions for improvement-the space was a little tight but not much can be done about that; the number of people was good!

Really enjoyed the shower gel & lotion when I got home and finally took that nice long hot shower!  Thanks for making it happen.  It was just a great time!


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